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Growing Your Own Herbs

Supermarkets can be expensive. When it comes to buying culinary herbs or those used for medicinal purposes, the best alternative is growing your own. It provides ample supply for your needs and even a novice can manage caring for herb plants.

Indoor versus Outdoor

There are two options for growing herbs. People who live in apartments or who do not have access to a wide enough patch outdoors can grow their herbs indoors. Indoor plants are less likely to be affected by worms, insects, yellowing by the sun and weather issues. As long as you have access to adequate sunlight, fertilizer to nourish your plants, good drainage and water, they will live and thrive.


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About Herbs


  1. A List of Common Herbs and Their Uses

  2. Drying Fresh Herbs

  3. Growing Your Own Herbs

  4. Herbal Remedies

  5. Herbs and Cosmetics

  6. Herbs and Their Scents

  7. Herbs for Cooking Recipes

  8. Herbs for Medicinal Purposes

  9. Homeopathic Herbs and Their Uses

  10. Start an Indoor Herb Garden

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