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Typically, headaches are benign. Although painful, they usually are your body's way of telling you that you need to slow down, rest your eyes, drink more water, eat, or take a nap. The overall majority of them are considered “primary” meaning that they have no underlying cause. The rest of the them are categorized as “secondary” meaning that the headache is a symptom of some larger underlying cause and may in fact be serious.


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Secondary Headaches

Secondary ones are the type that people worry about. These are only symptoms of an underlying condition, some of which could be dangerous or even life threatening.

Some secondary ones are not life threatening, however. Sinus ones, for example, are often indicators that you might have inflammation or even an infection in your sinuses, but it is pretty unlikely that you will suffer any very serious consequences.

Other secondary ones, such as some types of migraines and very severe might be an indicator for something more serious. So how do you know when to see a doctor, and when is it just a headache? Here are some guidelines to follow when determining when to seek medical care for a headache...


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