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Home Business or Work-at-Home Job - Which Is Right for You?

Many people often want to work from home for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just had a child and want more work-life balance, or perhaps you have an illness that makes it difficult for you to get out of the house. Or maybe you just like being home and want the freedom to work your own way.

Whatever the reasons you want to work at home, you’ll need to choose whether or not you want a job from home, or you want a business from home.



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Top Ten Legitimate Companies That Offer Home Business Jobs
It’s important to be careful when looking for work-at-home jobs in order to avoid scams. Hopefully this list of ten legitimate work-at-home companies can help you find a job and avoid being ripped off. Remember, even with this list, be sure to check out everything and do your due diligence to avoid feeling used. You want a job that pays enough to make it worth it to work, and you want a job that values your experience too. One of these might fit.

Transcription Services

1. Nuance Transcription Services – With a focus on medical transcription, this is a real job as an employee doing transcription. They offer extra training for experienced transcriptionists and are often looking for qualified transcriptionists.

Link - http://www.nuance-nts.com/

2. Orion Transcription Services – If you’re experienced with transcription, this is a good place to apply for a job. You must be U.S. based and have at least two years of experience to get one of these medical, legal or other transcription jobs.

Link - http://www.oriontranscription.com/career-opportunities-contact-form/

3. Tigerfish Transcribing – If you’re new to transcribing, you can take the test and apply with Tigerfish Transcribing. Plus they direct you to free software to use for practice to help you with passing the test.

Link - http://tigerfish.com/employment/


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