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There is a fine line in your entrepreneurship venture between being targeted and niched, and having all your eggs in one basket. For your greatest business lessons even Veterans can forget, you must be niched with your eggs in the right basket, but you can’t have all of your eggs in one basket.




How many of you hear about creating your entrepreneur signature product and brand, knowing your niche and customer to the tee, but waking up one morning to discover you’re simply out, and sales are gone?


Your stuff just isn’t cool, and it’s not selling anymore. Some other entrepreneur in your niche has the cool stuff, and it’s chillingly quiet.


This is when the panic sets in, and you start sending more and more emails to your subscribers, only to see more unsubscribes than ever before, more un-opens, and less clicks.  It can feel like a death spiral.


And now you’re thinking that you get what I’m saying, but the last thing you need as a busy entrepreneur is to get more complicated with more eggs and more baskets, right?


That is the trick in entrepreneurship.  You have to be streamlined, you have to be focused, and at the same time everywhere with every latest trend.  It seems impossible, and it is impossible to be everyone and everywhere, but there are ways to prepare yourself to handle these extremes and conflicts, and ways to push through and survive a rough patch.


Everyone in business and entrepreneurship will come across this, and you have to be able to handle it.


business It all begins with your business preparation and goals, staying agile, knowing the grain, but finding your own grain to edit, and keeping active. These are the greatest business lessons even Veterans lose and forget, and we’ll edit them down into these 4 simple Categories:



*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Preparation

*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Stay Agile

*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Know the Grain, Edit & Find Your Own

*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Stay Active



Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Preparation: Identify Your Target People


One of the most important business lessons is identifying your target audience and ideal customer. Without honing in on a specific target audience, you cannot function effectively in your products or marketing, and you will fail or be beaten by someone else. There are several easy lessons to identify your target audience and ideal customer.


Hey Entrepreneur, Don’t Just Set Goals But Keep Them


Once you edit to identifiable goals, your ideal customer will present.


For the entrepreneur, it’s the keeping true part, and following through without distracted sidelines that will ensure that your target audience and ideal customer will return time and again.


entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Agile: Always Revisit


Once you have established what your goals are, it is important to revisit them, and measure them on a regular basis.


Try using social media as a tool to survey whether or not your company is meeting and exceeding their needs.


Make sure to communicate with customers at all times, either on social media, your business blog or transaction communications. Always respond to their comments, and listen.  They will tell you so much about how you’re doing, where you need to edit, improve, or fix if you just listen.


Keep revisiting what the competition is doing and what trends are trending. Follow those trends, but with your own edit and spin.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Active: Know Your Niche & Stick With It


Your niche is your basket, and you can fill that basket with a variety of eggs. This is where you’ll be able to weather a storm, because you have a built in market, and possibly a new or improved trending product to edit and replace an old and (needs fixing) one.


For the Entrepreneur, sometimes creative ideas just seem to flow and flow; however, you must be true to your niche at all times as your greatest lesson of lessons.


Hey Entrepreneur, Keep Active & Create a Sub-Niche


Once you have created a niche, see if you can edit and break it down further, and create a sub-niche. A niche would be something like single moms and a sub-niche would be single moms dating. Perhaps your sub-niche focus empowers single moms to educate themselves so that they can provide for themselves and their families.


Take note of who is responding and who is not responding. In this way, you can measure your target audience a little better and edit to hone in on your ideal people.


For example, you may notice that single moms with older children may be in a better position to use your products and services as compared to single moms with younger children. Your target audience may present itself differently than planned.


To handle this, stay flexible, and keep an open mind, but once you have established your ideal niche, make certain to keep it there and dedicate all your time and work to that target audience of people.


business lessonsSo the other entrepreneur is selling like crazy, and you’re not.  What do you do to fix it?



How to Make Your Business Get Back to Trend


In Entrepreneurship, knowing the current trend, means you know your entrepreneur competition.  If you don’t know your competition, you’ll get passive and stop improving and re-purposing your products and presentation, and you’ll fall behind.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Knowing the Grain: Make Your Own Grain & Edit


In Entrepreneurship of course, you want your business to stand out head and shoulders above the rest. How do you make that work? There are several ways to make your business stand apart from the competition that is taking your sales away.


Hey Entrepreneur, Make it Work–Edit & Evaluate Your Own Company


It is often very easy to compare your entrepreneur business to others. The tendency may be to think that they do something better than you. However, more important lessons start from within. Evaluating your own company is the place to begin to edit, and learn the right lessons.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #1: Look at where you have been static – Take a good long look at where you have been static in your own business. Has your company become stale and outdated? Is there room for something new and innovative? Can you edit or improve a product or service?


Entrepreneurship Lessons #2: What can you reuse – Is there a sales letter that you can re-circulate, or a product that you can edit and enhance, in order to gain new clients and customers?


Entrepreneurship Lessons #3: What needs recreating? – Is there an area of your business such as re-organizing a product line? Perhaps  you need to edit, and put better communication policies and procedures into place.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #4: Does your product or service live up to today’s standards? – Look and see if your product or service works for today’s standards. Once you have evaluated this, take a look and see if your product or service is trending according to today’s standards.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #5: Where do you stand with social media? – If your website does not incorporate social media, then it is time to include this all-important aspect into your business. Many times people will immediately leave a web page if social media buttons aren’t there.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #6: How can you reach more clients? – Investigate how you can reach more clients. Perhaps you need to do a new social media venue. Check to see if you are responding to comments and visitors to your site. Reach out to other businesses and blogs to create a sharing opportunity.


For the Entrepreneur, today’s business is extremely fast paced and moves at a rapid speed through change. Keeping up with those changes is the only way to stay ahead.


Taking a look at all these things in your own entrepreneur business is the foundation of a company that is capable of standing out–knowing the grain to edit, and making their own grain edit work.


editEntrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Agile: Why It’s Important to Study Your Competition


Rather than spend so much time trying to outsmart the competition, studying to make them your ally is smarter.


Hey Entrepreneur, Study Your Competition


Go on other sites, and check out their services and the quality of those services. They may have other products or services that you have not yet incorporated into your business model, like:


* EBooks
* Videos
* Newsletters
* ECourses


Go on their Facebook fan pages and follow them on Twitter. See how many likes they make, how long they have been around, and how they follow the trends.


Hey Entrepreneur, Check Marketing and Social Media


Check out the competitions marketing strategy. Take a look at what may or may not work for them, but keep in mind that this is a bit like when everyone thinks their stock will go up and up, or their house value will continue to rise, and they didn’t sell high.  Then they missed the mark when it all dropped.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Know the Grain to Edit, Find Your Own to Edit


Sometimes, you need to be doing just opposite of what everyone else is doing, and the entrepreneur who can break out against the norm, and go against the grain tends to be the winner.  They bought when everyone was selling and vice versa. For example, does killing people with 2 to 3 emails a day really work? Do you unsubscribe from that? Then, your subscribers will likely do the same. Go against this grain.


Hey Entrepreneur, by becoming familiar with your competition, and staying agile, you gain several benefits.


* You spark your own ideas with a creative and innovative edit twist
* You can follow and keep up with trends
* You can see what works–edit and make it work


entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Active: Always Edit, Improve and Re-purpose


Your first step is to create a product or offer a service that you can guarantee in performance. More important than this however, is to take that same product and consistently edit and improve it, taking note of the trends. By staying on top of improvements and re-purposing, you give yourself the chance of staying current and trendy, because you can edit and shape it so.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Agile: Build from the Bad Feedback


You’ll want to know the bad feedback not only from your business competition, but for yourself.  Seeing what people dislike about a product and/or service, gives you the ability to develop a newer product that works twice as fast or provides double the service.


Let people complaints and critiques fuel your entrepreneur imagination to do it, and build it better.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Preparation: Set Clear Goals


There are several ways on how to go about setting clear goals. For many people, their goals are so broad that success is something that never happens. However, you can learn to rely on them to achieve success if you set them up correctly.


Hey Entrepreneur, Here’s How to Set Clear Goals & Make Them Work


1. Entrepreneur, Make it Work, Edit & Be specific – When you set a goal, it is imperative that you be specific. Simply stating that you want to reach certain people, or to make money is not specific. A specific goal would be something like “I want to gain 100 more likes on Facebook in the next three months.” Or, “I want to make an additional $5,000.00 in the next three months.”


2. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Write Everything Down  – No matter how trivial you may think it may sound, it is imperative to write everything down on your action plan. Without writing it down, it is as though you are not declaring it to the world.


3. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Edit it Down  – Edit down your goals into sub-goals. It is as though you are choosing a niche, and then choosing a sub-niche. For example, if your niche is moms over forty, perhaps you could edit that down even further to make it single moms over forty. Edit it down, and be specific.


Editing down your entrepreneur goals makes them easier to reach. Once you state it, then state how you’re going to get there, like “I will guest blog every week” or “I will create a bonus for my product.”


4. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Put a Timeline to It  – Giving yourself a deadline is the best thing you can ever do. You are accountable to yourself and your business partners by attaching a timeline for completion. By doing this, you put a little pressure on yourself to achieve that task by or before the set time.


5. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Be Accountable  – Giving your word is a powerful tool in not only reaching, but also in exceeding clear and specific tasks.


When your goals are specific and clear, entrepreneurship success is next.


business What will work every time, even as an old business veteran, is coming back to these 4 basics in entrepreneurship business lessons: 


*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Preparation

*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Stay Agile

*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Know the Grain to Edit, Find Your Own to Edit

*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Stay Active


businessYou can do it, and if you need help we are here to guide you every step of the way with extra care and personal attention. Get one of our special packages and business help today…you deserve it!





~Courtney & Betina


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